Unreasonable Fears

fear_of_lion_elephant_storyThere was a lion who feared nothing except the crowing of roosters. A chill would go down his spine whenever he heard a rooster crowing. One day he confessed his fear to the elephant, who was greatly amused. “How can the crowing of a rooster hurt you?” he asked the lion. “Think about it!” Just then a mosquito began circling the elephant’s head, frightening him out of his wits. “If it gets into my ear I’m doomed!” he screamed, swinging at the insect with his trunk. Now it was the lion’s turn to feel amused. Moral lesson of the story: If we could see our fears as others see them we would realize that most of our fears make no sense!

Most of our fears make no sense. The sad part of that is that our fears hinder on what God wanted us to do…reasoning our fears above God’s will. True enough, we had experiences that can cause us to be afraid of certain situation (traumatic), but not to the point of hindering God.

A Bible character named Gideon was called for a certain difficult mission, and that is to deliver his nation out from their oppressive enemy—the Midianites. Gideon was a fearful man, living in a time when Israel had plenty of fear. Gideon questioned God about the problems he and his nation faced and about God’s lack of help. What he didn’t acknowledge was the fact that the people had brought calamity upon themselves when they decided to disobey and neglect God. On the other hand, the power of their enemy was so oppressive that they made the Israelites prepared shelters in mountain caves and dens because of fear. Their enemy dictated their lifestyle to live in fear and in hiding.

I will be with you,” God told Gideon (Judges 6:14-16).

God promised to give him the strength he needed to overcome the opposition. In spite of this clear promise for strength, Gideon made excuses. “Me? Save Israel? My family is the weakest and I’m the least (could be the youngest or weakest in profession or poorest).” Seeing only his limitations and weaknesses, he failed to see how God could work through him.

Like Gideon, we are called to serve God in specific ways. Although God promises us the tools and strength we need, we constantly give excuses due to our unreasonable fears. But reminding God of our limitations only implies that He does not know all about us or that He has made a mistake in evaluating our character.

A Personal Project:
This is how the enemy wants from us: to live in fear and in hiding. Nowadays, who are our enemies? Who are those who want us to live in fear? who want us to live in hiding?
Let’s not spend time making excuses. Instead spend it doing what God wants. What are the most common excuses we give if someone asks us for help? What is your most common excuse if God wants you to serve Him?


Author: effemamancio

a husband of one loving wife, a father of three handsome and affectionate boys, a man richly blessed by His Creator, a being called to love and imitate CHRIST

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