When we are mesmerized

The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594
The Transfiguration Lodovico Carracci 1594 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It always gives me a funny thought on how we react if we meet our “crushes” that whenever we have the opportunity to talk to them, we somehow start perspiring (which we don’t know why) and fumble on our words we want to say. We just kind of lost on our “scripted” thought process. On the other hand, I read some sports news that basketball coaches of international teams have the dilemma in running their game plays whenever their players start playing with their basketball idols such as the NBA players. The players get “starstruck” and couldn’t focus much on the game because they’re playing the best players in the planet. For them, it’s a dream come true.

Same reactions with Peter, together with his comrades, James and John, when they saw Jesus transfigured. The description of Jesus’ transfiguration according to Mark 9:3 is that His “clothes became dazzling white, whiter than anyone in the world could bleach them” (NIV). Not only they saw Jesus transfiguration, but they saw Moses and Elijah, the so-called ancient celebrities during their time. They are the great prophets of the Jewish people. The reactions of the three disciples: they were frightened yet mesmerized. For them, it could be the start-up of Jesus’ reign as their king and savior, seeing His glory shine at this experience, with the two great prophets at His sides.

With Peter’s impulsive character, no wonder he immediately jumped and started saying things he didn’t double check if it’s right or wrong. “Rabbi, it is good for us to be here. Let us put three shelters—one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah” (Mark 9:5, NIV). Meaning to say that it’s a wonderful feeling for him to be there witnessing all these glamour and glory appearing to them. For him, it’s the power of the kingdom of Jesus starting to unveil and he wanted to settle there immediately on the mountain and not move on.

But it’s not yet time for Peter to settle and enjoy the power and glory of God. Jesus has still a lot of work for him to do, especially receiving the power of the Holy Spirit and starting His church. Peter may want to forgo the way of suffering for the Christ and His followers but this is still the way how Christian life works. Rejected, insulted, persecuted because of our faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ and changing the world through discipleship. This could be hard but satisfying.

The fact of being impulsive in saying things and making decisions because of this might be our dreams coming true, the feeling of being mesmerized, we need to think deeply first and test if our journey has come to an end and get the feeling of settling and not moving forward. We have a saying that “not everything that glitters is gold.” Let’s pray if this is the will of God for us to do and to be. To be holy like God is a process, not one time event like the transfiguration but we may focus on the hope that God is in store for us and that is being with Him in a true eternal place.


Author: effemamancio

a husband of one loving wife, a father of three handsome and affectionate boys, a man richly blessed by His Creator, a being called to love and imitate CHRIST

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